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We are a company dedicated to bringing out the most vital, creative side of your project or business.  We are also in the feature film business and our debut production will be ready for distribution later this year.  Please feel free to interact with us here and tell us about your project goals.  



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Our co-founder Franco Galvan was featured in VoyageHouston's Thought Provokers series, click the image to read the interview!

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Right now in Hollywood there are major corporations like Honda updating the way they influence and advertise. They are in a renaissance of branding and exploring new ideas that reach a broader spectrum of people in a unique way. One of these methods is the "micro-length" ad.



Being a filmmaker that can convey an exciting visual experience in 10 seconds is in demand. Filmmakers that excel at this find themselves in the position to be part of a huge wave of new advertising. Because companies like Honda have embraced the fact that this is the new window of attention potential consumers understand these days in the Information Age.


We Specialize In

Therefore we specialize in just those kind of ads and longer version bios for you and your company. To tell your story, your journey in a signature and exciting way that people will remember for years to come. Because in the near future this will be the standard, professional quality video advertising. So when a random food lover clicks on your Yelp page, then your website they are immersed in a film that's all about you and tells your story with the production value, dignity, and respect you deserve. - Mosaic Multi-Media 

lusid - promo 2 - 2019

Lusid - Promo - 2019

cartronix - commercial - 2019

Music Video - For Rock Band Elyze - 2019

Spec Ad - Gucci - Micro Ad Length

Spec Ad - Gucci - Full Length

Mosaic - Micro Length Ad - Mission Statement

Music Video - Selection Reel - Spring 2019

The Lotus - feature film trailer - 2019

Selection Reel 1 - 2017

Selection Reel 2 - 2018

Elyze - Music Video - Preview length - 2018

Enoteca rossa - restaurant commercial - 2018

Political AD - Online length - Congress 2018

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